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Friday, April 20, 2007

Feeling particularly down today

I feel particularly zodiacally aligned today.......crabby that is. Either the cough mixture is nullling the brain or something. Had this fishball triggered sore throat and cough since last week. Someone must have caught me singing off-key last Sunday.

How it started was......I had a few freshly fried fishball from the pasar malam Thursday the week before. The moment I finished there was this itch feeling in my throat that developed to an irritating throat now. Have not been sleeping well, so I guess that compounded the effect of the cough mixture.

Had this urge to blabber a bit but has no real point to make.

Was equally sad about the front page news........and disgusted with election promises from the Govt for projects and investments approved so fast and acted upon so fast when a by-election is on.....sigh.....sad sad state of Malaysia. Have to wait for a by-election to get some much needed public work done......


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