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Thursday, November 22, 2007

My adventure with shirts??

Recently a couple of "incidents" happenned regarding shirts.....

1. A while back while in China for work, I was staying at this local govt guests house. So some services that you got used to in typical hotel is not so typical like iron. Most hotels will have 1 in the room or you can loan 1 on short notice i.e. anytime of the day. Since on most of these trips I am out the whole day and will only be back at night so naturally I will do my ironing at night or early morning. So staying in this particular guests house they don't have iron in room and the laundry dept closes at I am stuck with a clean uniron I was asking around etc etc and the staff said he will bring it to the laundry room and iron morning I got a shirt with a hole in hit!!! Shucks and that morning was another mad rush cos I need to get another shirt to be ironed by the laundry dept that opens at 8am........

2. Was visiting a small town about 2 hours from Beijing, again same issue no iron in room and no laundry service after 7pm. Again the staff promised to iron and bring back to me. Since it is a lady this time round thot it would be day ...I got an equally crumpled shirt folded and sent to my room??!!! She didn't hang or anything and she prob took the bus to work :( :(

3. This iron short circuited when I was ironing my shirt and was on fire.....yes on fire.....thank God nothing major you can imagine....blur just woken....stumble to toilet ...then stumble to iron my shirt.......*whhosshh......on fire* didn't even have time to think......must have been reflex action due to repetitive motions over the years.....put down iron+pick up water spray.....repeat until whole shirt is I just kinda put down my iron shockingly and picked up the water spray......eeerrrr.

See mom there is an advantage of using an old iron with a separate water spray......if I had 1 of those new steam iron......the damage would have been more severe as I need to rush out to get water??!! Thank God.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I always day dream of being a painter, photographer and singer........serious you know things you acted out while you were younger when.....especially I grew up by myself until like 8 years old before my bro came along but somehow since the gap is kinda big I always grew up dreaming.......and talking to myself......

Painter - I can't paint even if my life depended on it. A stick man is prob the best I could do.

Photographer - Well with affordable digital camera this has more hope now but still I suck....

Singer - Eerrr I don't think I want to try that, other than back-up and karaoke sessions...hahaha

Ah hobbies that is what it is.....lately I have taken a keen interest on my 3 pots of plant at home.....they kinda provide me with some blib of excitement in my otherwise fairly routine life. 2 months back I separated 1 pot to 2 pots cos it was growing too big for the small pot but I prob didn't do it properly cos both the transplanted pots seems to be dying.....and only seem to be growing into a pink of health....more like green.....these last 2 weeks or so...I hope it continues.

SMART - tunnel, spending, con strategies

Was stuck in the jam for the last 2 days because the tunnel was closed since it was used for its intended purpose on Tuesday.....apparently it prevented a flood after a heavy downpour.

Went to pasar malam last night and bought a cheap 9v battery made from China. The last battery I bought was quite good, lasted me 1 year for my Smart Tag which needed only low volt low power. But as with things with China....the cheap stuff at least, you take your chances....either the battery kaputted before use or my Smart Tag went kaput on me......hhhmmmm 5 years old....oredi I bought it for like RM220 then. Maybe that was the life span or something. Anyway it was a fair risk and return thingy...RM2 for 1 year of smooth toll passing......not bad right?! Well with CPI growing at 3% (my foot??!!!) my toll increased 60%. My cup of drink also increased 20%, I think my bowl of noodle kinda shrank :) or am I getting fatter adn having a bigger appetite??hhmm. Sigh everything is getting more expensive these days.

Somehow thanks to Mr Ford and the industrial revolution nothing is built to last....if not then no new business will happen and no new sales will occur......PCs, handphones, notebooks, cars etc etc you name it will not be churning out new models every 3 to 6 months all in the name of new models/functions but somehow consumers also get a bit jaded and sick of always the "pull" factor doesn't do anymore thus the "push" factor comes in......if it breaks down then the poor guy has no choice but to get a new one.....hhhmmmm how smart??!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Evan Almighty

The movie suggests......."when we pray for patience, God doesn't make us patient, but give us opportunity to be patient. And when we ask for courage, God doesn't give us courage, but gives us the opportunity to be courageous".......

Somehow this dialogue kinda lite up a bulb in my head.....most often than not we treat prayer as a band-aid and instant reminds me of us having free will and can choose (even if it is between the rock and a hard place). It also suggests Christian growth is a process rather than a sudden cosmic change of circumstances/situations.

So the next time we pray for sure to notice the opportunities that God is presenting before us.........we may overlook them if we only want "our prayer" to be answered.....

grey matter kinda working half capacity on a wet Monday......hhhmmm wonder what is the opportunity here????.......time to sleep?? maybe not.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am a millionaire!!!!

Well in rupiah at least......just had a break in Bali for a week....thanks to AirAsia's offer. Never in my life had I had millions in my pocket.....literally......millions.....wwoohhooo.

Was there for 8 days 7 nights.....quite long huh....yeah cos we put in a lot of "free and easy" time....not your usual "tourist cover as much as possible mad rush holiday". Having said that we still managed to cover quite a fair bit actually.

Our trip is highlighted by the red line. Did the south of Kuta/Legian round trip for the 1st 3 days.

Stayed at Legian for 3 nights, so started with short day trips around Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu and Jimbaran.

Well did all the touristy thingy.

Legian & Kuta - Beaches, shops and Hard Rock etc.

Nusa Dua - Gorgeous hotels.....check out the pix.

Uluwatu - Kecak dance and sunset.....not it was raining and we were sitting in the rain for the show......well heavy drizzle......kind Japanese grandmothers offered us some cover since it is kinda like a stadium seating so we were sitting on lower level and "hide" under their umbrella. Luckily it stopped after a while and it was kinda cool and windy after that.

Jimbaran - seafood dinner by the beach....unencumbered seaview dinner right on the beach.

Then we did a 2-day trip thingy from Legian to Kintamani to Lovina (stayed 1 night) then move on to Bedugul and stayed at Ubud (3 nights). So technically covered north to south of Bali. But we still miss Tanah Lot and some other spots......maybe next time......

1 - Bali bombing memorial

2 - Kuta beach sunset

3 - Gunung Batur (I think)

4 - Bakso - meehoon soup with horrible fishballs (my take anyway)

5 - Our room in Legian....quite nice, spacious room, aircon, swimming pool view, breakfast delivered to your room all for USD26 nett/night.

6 - Wife's idea of keeping flies out of the drink. I think that is strawberry juice....was quite cheap almost half the price of Cameron and a bit sweeter too.

7 - The "must-eat" babi guling....suckling pig.....yuummmm. Tried a few...3 actually and prices ranges from Rph30,000 - 20,000 - 9,000 depending on location but thye all taste yummyy.

8 & 9 - Kecak dance at Uluwatu.

10 - Sunset in Lovina (north). Stayed there for 1 night.

11 - Superduper fast and luxurious look for dolphin......all we got was 2.5 hours of sitting in a single-person width boat powered by a kapchai engine....worse still, can't find the dolphin....... :( :( somemore have to pay Rph200,000 for the ride......

12 - That's the scene outside our room at Ubud.....4 ducks walking along the "sawah padi"...a very lovely and charming a room almost smack in the center of the main street and at the back is "sawah padi" oredi. Stayed in Ubud for 3 nights, was very satisfied with our room.....which we found via walk-in. A steal actually as the bungalow couldn't get customers somehow, so a Rph225,000 was sold to us for Rph175,000 quite a good deal.

13 - Typical scene of Ubud art market........paintings and art pieces everywhere.......literally everywhere....

14 - A Bali version of Lion Dance....well close enuff.....some Barong Dance that we went to.

15 - Rice terrace on the way from Bedugul to Ubud. What a lovely scene.......

Massage......hhhmmm.....did like 4 massages in 8 days......that is quite something.......feel so relaxed and nice.......and the body never tried a body scrub before so it was quite painful and geli......and the last massage was pretty interesting.....they used yogurt after the scrub.......hhhmmm felt like just licking it off my arms.....

Now back to the daily grind......

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Painfully slow slow......notebook

In this day and age of super duper computer and fast internet......I have been afflicted with the equivalent of a curse and disease that equals the most horrible of the horrible.

1st my computer has been very very very slow.......every click on a powerpoint/word/excel takes 1 second to process and email systems has been ....."Not Responding" every single time I click on flag...kena virus........die die......

Did all the standard procedure........virus scan, adware scan bla bla bla......too no avail.

Then I noticed the light of my hard disk keeps blinking and never stops.......ah some program keeps running at the background.......eating my resources......ah ha....task manager should be useful.....

Alas the malware has attacked the task manager and rendered it I know I have malicious program running but can't get to painful....almost like having an itch on my nose but can't scratch it......arghhhhhh.

Called the MIS.....came to trouble shoot for half a verdict......REFORMAT your hard disk.......:( :(.......aiyoh.....that will keep me off at least another day...have to back up my hard disk then reformat and then copy back to hard disk......I have lost 2 days oredi since the attack...looks like I will limp thru this week......hopefully to recover before the week is out.

painful...painful............the only thing not affected is internet what to do?? blog loh? here I am writing a medical note on my painful painful episode of computer virus wrecking havoc on my work life........sad huh?.......and office has been limping along as the secretary has a real life medical condition and has been for a week and will only be back next week so most of us also have to double up as office admin/PA/secretary........can it get any worse???

Let's take a step back........breathe in breathe out..........think nice sandy beach.....clear water.......hhhmmmm hope my Redang break turns out as nice as my imagination.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My HP battery died

More like it went "bloated" as a sign of overcharge my wife said......also confirmed by the sales person. But then I wasn't ready to change a new one......why....mainly because I hate to transfer the numbers to a new phone......and also I am a cheap skate.....yeah that's true the last 2 phones have come free......the earlier Nokia which I gave to wife was a lucky draw price from the Annual Company Dinner. Then this current Samsung was a lucky draw from HSBC.....guess my luck has kinda run out lately.

Am quasi looking for a phone, criteria below:-
  1. Small and light - nothing more than 3 and half inches and prob less than 20 gm??
  2. Colour.
  3. Camera optional.
  4. Long battery talk time - any phone longer than 10 hours?
  5. Long standby time - 10 days?
  6. Price - less than RM800.

Why am I looking....cos the new battery I got is not an original because this model is no more in production and there is no spare parts being produced is only about 2 years old.....but it must be decades in IT years. So if you can't get me blame the phone......

Friday, May 25, 2007

So cute

Was on my way to gym yesterday when 3 ladies came in to the lift.....with 3 kids in the shopping trollies.....1 kid in each and 2 of them blissfully in dreammmmy land.....really brought a smile after a long crappy week.....have a great weekend everyone.