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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I've been tagged??!!

So it seems......anyway am not going to tag anyone but will instead end the tag here.....6 weird things?? Let's see....

1. I absolutely have to recheck my car doors after switching on the alarm. OCD you would say. I will go round the car making sure I have locked all the doors and also the boot is tightly if you see me going round my car everytime I get out of it....don't laugh.....I have since broken 2 car handles.

2. That goes with any locks actually......apartment's door, room, even the padlock at the gym......but it is kinda worse then Leymond Cha cos there were days that I counted to 10??!! Actually also...switches....lights, fans etc....???!!help!!!

3. Certain obsession with certain food.......there are 2 kind of food that I sometimes have uncontrollable urge to eat
......1. The raw fish porridge in Petaling Street....absolutely love it....obsessed?? Before settling down I used to drive down like 5am Sat/Sun to Petaling St and park right in front of the stall and have my weekly "fix" of raw fish porridge. Over the years the "amount" of raw fish kinda increased so much....from 2 small plates to 2 large plates that I get comments like ...."you really like raw fish, ah?"
.......2. HK Chu Cheong Fun, the freshly steamed with prawn/char siu kind not the yong tau fu kind. There is this stall which I have been eating since college days.....when Sunway College was at PJ State...where the nursing college is now. That will be since....1992 when I was doing my Pre-U....kinda lost the stall after it shifted to SS2 "Wei Sek Kai", can't remember when I rediscovered it. Come to think of it both food obsession started about the sametime.

4. What else.....the part about me discovering that I am diabetic.......well the doctor said I should have been in coma but then I asked for permission to go home and pack my things and admitted myself later on......weird huh??!! Well the blood test readings were so bad that the small mobile blood testing machine went thru the roof and doc had to order a lab blood test......

5. I have banned a shop from my list because the owner would not accept my 10 1sen coins for payment. Decided to do what a consumer can do....that is to take my business somewhere else. But was afraid to pay with 1sen coins everywhere just in case I won't have anymore shops to eat in.

6. I have not paid a single credit card yearly subscription.....because everytime the banks want to charge me I just cancelled the card and so far most will entertain me and waive the yearly fees except Citibank which proceeded to cancel my card after waiving for 3 years I think.....

so you have it.....weird? Believe it or not??


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