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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I fried my brain with movies.......

Caught 2 movies recently.....felt I have made my Ringgit work hard enough for both. They will fall in between Shrek and Austin Powers for my "knock me in the head with something different" movie scale. Oh ok.....maybe not Mr & Mrs Smith but I have to agree....the marriage counselor scenes are very enjoyable and almost on par with the gun-fighting scenes.....opcors the chemistry of the couple is very very.....believable.......not...yes.....not....yes...go figure yourself.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Not your usual Hollywood fare..... very funny.....if I understood the jokes correctly....very British at that. Love the dark humour and jokes of it ALL.....ALL.....ALL. Love Marvin (was that the name?!) the always depressed robot which knows cute and funny..... :) The planet that uses fly-swatter to hit people's nose when they think was really effective in converting people into brainless morons. You have to catch it and reflect on the cliches and irony of all the jokes in there. Deep-thought was great.....and opcors the famous idiot box was there to punch-in the irony of it all. Really enjoyed it very much.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Thot it would be an eye candy show, but it turned out quite nice.....with me almost reaching for a tissue.....then again pardon this guy who watched Titanic 5 times and still couldn't come out with dry eyes. Yes 5 times.....all at the cinema.....yes all at the cinema.... :) Loved the marriage counselor scenes and somehow it drove home some points. The high tech gadgets and stuff really adds to the whole story rather than makes it like a James Bond movie.....where you go for gadgets and nice cars only.....ok and the girls too.

OK so my brains got fried recently.....big deal.....have a great week ahead. Urrgghhh I am suffering from lack of brain cells. Help.... :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Politically Incorrect......

I think I am gonna get fried for this piece.....

It all started with Austin Powers I think, that is the first time it came to my mind that it is so politically incorrect that it is so successful and funny. Then it went on and Shrek......was my all time favourite.....the ultimate of "bohchapness", so cool and unfazed that it made such a great statement.

Then I thought to myself maybe I like it because it is so.....ummm.....uuummmm......ME?! Deep down I am quite a some people told me. Then again I thought to myself, maybe I am just socially challenged, networking challenged and just like to be plain me.

Hmmmm WYSIWYG is probably the word to describe it......then again don't let this nice looking, talk, dark and handsome facade trick you....ooopppsss did I just describe myself....I meant that was my evil twin brother.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thank God.....

Visited a friend in hospital last night. Didn't know how bad was his condition because, initial info I got was that he had a heart attack. Was very relieved when he was quite alright, he could speak, walk and joke too.

Thank God for His blessings, even the doctors according to my friend, were quite surprised that the 1st level heart attack didn't leave much drastic damage which may include - half body paralysis, unable to speak properly etc. Good to see that this friend is smiling and joking last night. Hope he recovers fast and rest well. More importantly, to take care of himself better.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Reminders for myself.....

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

I think I have short memory and every now and then the devil plant some thoughts into my mind.....

"You sure or sure you believe in the right God?!, all gods also the same one.....god is who you make it out to be....." - Luckily, as Arnold pointed out the object of my faith is more important than my faith. How do I know the God I believe in is real?!.....from study.....from life experience.....from prayer.....from my heart. Will I stand up to it with my the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I pray that if it is his will, I will have the courage and convinction to fulfill it.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Come and see......come and see

Come and see, come and see
Come and see the King of love
See the purple robe and crown of thorns he wears
Soldiers mock, rulers sneer
As he lifts the cruel cross
Lone and friendless now he climbs towards the hill

Once in a while my Catholic pratices come back to memory and it suddenly dawn on me to think beyond the actions/rituals and find meaning in them. At least my interpretation of them.....

1. Cross with Christ on it. Catholic crosses have always had a Christ figure on it. To me it was no big deal but some friends has explained to me that Christ has risen and therefor the crosses should not bear Christ on them. Well does it sound like we should not perform last supper for remembrance? Should we not revisit Good Friday? Should we not remember Christ's death? You get the drift?

2. Kneeling in church. The whole practice of kneeling, brings a sense of submission and reverance to the worshippers. I know we should not hold much to rituals etc but I guess most friends will agree with me some point in time or some time most churches have one or another activity that is supposed to bring about similar effect - rally, revival, confession, prayers, altar calls etc.

3. The colourful robes and ornaments. I suspect human has short memory. That is why messages have to be repeated, discipline has to be meeted out repeatedly and reprimand has to be used once in a while. And I suspect the colourful robes may not be anything more than a reminder - be different from the world. And coming to that, how effective do you think the Catholics are in being different from the world.....I think they are pretty good.....most will notice the bright robes and ornaments.

These are just some of my limited knowledge and interpretation of things. Maybe someone can enlighthen me on these things. Cheers.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Little things......

Thot I would share with you all on the little things I notice along the way to work everyday....

Bushes along Seremban-KL highway.....the authorities has just cut the bushes along the highway nearer to the Kuchai Lama entrance....quite a clear line of sight to KL.

I leave home about the same time everyday.....but I reach office about 8.20/25 am on Mon, Tues and Wed..but I reach office about 8.00/05 am on Thurs and Fri.

This 2 weeks traffic has been holidays.....aahhhhh how nice at least for another week.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A dream that never stops......

Ever had an event that leaves such an impression or memory on you that it even recurs in your dreams?

I have one........

I have it at least 3 to 4 times a year, at least those that I could remember when I woke up.

It has a couple of versions

Version 1
It usually goes like this, I am either running late into a room or am panicking that I couldn't find my study file or notes. I arrive at the exam hall and the lecturer tells me I am late for the exams and I have to retake the paper next term.....usually by that time I would have cried myself awake or woken up by fear.

Version 2
I turn up for lecture and was told that assignments are due and I was totally unaware of it because I didn't receive the evaluation instructions on the 1st day of lecture.

Usually I would wake up and look around...and think to myself....I am working now....I must have graduated already.....and go back to sleep. Somehow it keeps repeating itself and a friend of mine also share the same recurring dream. Geezz talk about mental scars left by the torture of exams. I must be mad to go thru more exams. Oh no...I maybe sadistic......gosh am I weird or what??!!