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Friday, February 18, 2005

Why am I unhappy?

Will more money really make me happier?

Sometimes I really thought so, then again I remembered the last time I had a raise and I was very happy but then it kinda died down after awhile. And I am back in the dumps again after a while.

No doubt I had more money than I had a few years back but I don't seem to be happier. On the contrary I seem to feel more and more tied down by stuff I had bought with my extra money. Even holidays now drags me down into the dumps because I think about the amount of money I need to spend instead of the joy I could get.

Deep down inside me I begin to suspect maybe I will die a miserable person - saving all my money and worrying about not spending it that I forgot what life was all about??!!

Maybe I am a natural money whiner.....always wanting more, more and more.....when will I be contented??!!