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Monday, April 17, 2006

Fusarium Keratitis

Yup that is the nasty little fungal infection that landed me in Tun Hussein Eye hospital for 16 days......16 long boring days.......hmmmm but could certainly used the good rest....wait...what good rest??!!....every hour the nurse will nudge me and "open" my eyes for me to put eye drops.....2 weeks of interrupted sleep.......that is torture in some part of the world.

But am really glad that it didn't wreck too much damage prob 5% according to doc. Well it all started prob due to a cut to my cornea from a strong gust of wind....not sure if I am the 1st Malaysian victim of the Beijing sandstorm (it came out in the news a lot over the last few days). There was a sharp pain and my mistake was probably using tap water to rinse etc. The fungi must have taken hold then. So the rest is a long sob story.......but thanks to bro and sis who came and prayed, it made my days and nights more bearable....opcors have to thank wife who cook and boil nice nice soup too and also for the occasional "home leave" to catch a bite or two of non-halal meat......yummyyyy they never tasted so good until you go a few days without them.....yummm.

But thnak God all is over now....almost as still need to wait 1 to 2 weeks for the wound to settle and heal completely before I can make a new pair of specs to correct the astigmatism. Hopefully no damage to the eyesight other than this.

Okie dokie will have to go and catch up on my work..............