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Thursday, August 31, 2006


It is exactly 12 midnight......31 August 2006. Happy Merdeka to all. I am now in Shanghai...feels kinda weird to spend Merdeka in Shanghai.....not that I am particularly patriotic but just somehow feels more reflective tonite.

Been in China for a while this trip since 24 August and will probably be here until 11 Sep. Will be heading back to Wuxi on 1 Sep for work. It rained for half a day today....gloomy gloomy......ah it is the second chinese Valentine for the year b'cos there are 2 July/7th Month this year (heard it over radio whil ein the cab).

Had dinner with bro-in-law and GF and also met up with his fren, George (I think that's his name...poor me...I am bad with names....). Went for coffee......Coffee Bean....still thinks it is the best least to me. Yeah Coffee Bean in Shanghai opcors it is no where near as many CB as Starbucks as it is the case most part of the world except Malaysia I think.

Felt like rambling a bit since I couldn't really sleep. Felt like I need to do something on this historic moment of Merdeka. What does Merdeka mean to me??

1. 1 in Tesco and was tempted to buy......but didn't.
2. Holiday.....if I was at home it would have been a sleep in day.
3. Hmmmmmm.....gosh shouldn't I be ashamed of myself??

Life must have been so good that the meaning of Merdeka is lost??? Even the heart tugging ads were not so prominent (or is it that I haven't been watching TV??) I especially remembered last years Petronas ad (I think it is Petronas) where my aunt - wife side appeared in it. The whole family had quite a good laugh.....

Guess enough for now from a post-Merdeka baby who couldn't find much significance of Merdeka to him except to lament about life is bad, things aren't good enough, bla bla bla.....time to give thanks to all that I have.....cheers and have a great rest for the KL folks.....more shopping tomorrow??? Am quite sure a lot of folks are ot of town since 1 day leave on Friday would give you a 4-day weekend. Happy holidays everyone.

cheers......... :):):):):)