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Thursday, November 22, 2007

My adventure with shirts??

Recently a couple of "incidents" happenned regarding shirts.....

1. A while back while in China for work, I was staying at this local govt guests house. So some services that you got used to in typical hotel is not so typical like iron. Most hotels will have 1 in the room or you can loan 1 on short notice i.e. anytime of the day. Since on most of these trips I am out the whole day and will only be back at night so naturally I will do my ironing at night or early morning. So staying in this particular guests house they don't have iron in room and the laundry dept closes at I am stuck with a clean uniron I was asking around etc etc and the staff said he will bring it to the laundry room and iron morning I got a shirt with a hole in hit!!! Shucks and that morning was another mad rush cos I need to get another shirt to be ironed by the laundry dept that opens at 8am........

2. Was visiting a small town about 2 hours from Beijing, again same issue no iron in room and no laundry service after 7pm. Again the staff promised to iron and bring back to me. Since it is a lady this time round thot it would be day ...I got an equally crumpled shirt folded and sent to my room??!!! She didn't hang or anything and she prob took the bus to work :( :(

3. This iron short circuited when I was ironing my shirt and was on fire.....yes on fire.....thank God nothing major you can imagine....blur just woken....stumble to toilet ...then stumble to iron my shirt.......*whhosshh......on fire* didn't even have time to think......must have been reflex action due to repetitive motions over the years.....put down iron+pick up water spray.....repeat until whole shirt is I just kinda put down my iron shockingly and picked up the water spray......eeerrrr.

See mom there is an advantage of using an old iron with a separate water spray......if I had 1 of those new steam iron......the damage would have been more severe as I need to rush out to get water??!! Thank God.


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