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Friday, November 16, 2007

SMART - tunnel, spending, con strategies

Was stuck in the jam for the last 2 days because the tunnel was closed since it was used for its intended purpose on Tuesday.....apparently it prevented a flood after a heavy downpour.

Went to pasar malam last night and bought a cheap 9v battery made from China. The last battery I bought was quite good, lasted me 1 year for my Smart Tag which needed only low volt low power. But as with things with China....the cheap stuff at least, you take your chances....either the battery kaputted before use or my Smart Tag went kaput on me......hhhmmmm 5 years old....oredi I bought it for like RM220 then. Maybe that was the life span or something. Anyway it was a fair risk and return thingy...RM2 for 1 year of smooth toll passing......not bad right?! Well with CPI growing at 3% (my foot??!!!) my toll increased 60%. My cup of drink also increased 20%, I think my bowl of noodle kinda shrank :) or am I getting fatter adn having a bigger appetite??hhmm. Sigh everything is getting more expensive these days.

Somehow thanks to Mr Ford and the industrial revolution nothing is built to last....if not then no new business will happen and no new sales will occur......PCs, handphones, notebooks, cars etc etc you name it will not be churning out new models every 3 to 6 months all in the name of new models/functions but somehow consumers also get a bit jaded and sick of always the "pull" factor doesn't do anymore thus the "push" factor comes in......if it breaks down then the poor guy has no choice but to get a new one.....hhhmmmm how smart??!!


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