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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My HP battery died

More like it went "bloated" as a sign of overcharge my wife said......also confirmed by the sales person. But then I wasn't ready to change a new one......why....mainly because I hate to transfer the numbers to a new phone......and also I am a cheap skate.....yeah that's true the last 2 phones have come free......the earlier Nokia which I gave to wife was a lucky draw price from the Annual Company Dinner. Then this current Samsung was a lucky draw from HSBC.....guess my luck has kinda run out lately.

Am quasi looking for a phone, criteria below:-
  1. Small and light - nothing more than 3 and half inches and prob less than 20 gm??
  2. Colour.
  3. Camera optional.
  4. Long battery talk time - any phone longer than 10 hours?
  5. Long standby time - 10 days?
  6. Price - less than RM800.

Why am I looking....cos the new battery I got is not an original because this model is no more in production and there is no spare parts being produced is only about 2 years old.....but it must be decades in IT years. So if you can't get me blame the phone......


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