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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am a millionaire!!!!

Well in rupiah at least......just had a break in Bali for a week....thanks to AirAsia's offer. Never in my life had I had millions in my pocket.....literally......millions.....wwoohhooo.

Was there for 8 days 7 nights.....quite long huh....yeah cos we put in a lot of "free and easy" time....not your usual "tourist cover as much as possible mad rush holiday". Having said that we still managed to cover quite a fair bit actually.

Our trip is highlighted by the red line. Did the south of Kuta/Legian round trip for the 1st 3 days.

Stayed at Legian for 3 nights, so started with short day trips around Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu and Jimbaran.

Well did all the touristy thingy.

Legian & Kuta - Beaches, shops and Hard Rock etc.

Nusa Dua - Gorgeous hotels.....check out the pix.

Uluwatu - Kecak dance and sunset.....not it was raining and we were sitting in the rain for the show......well heavy drizzle......kind Japanese grandmothers offered us some cover since it is kinda like a stadium seating so we were sitting on lower level and "hide" under their umbrella. Luckily it stopped after a while and it was kinda cool and windy after that.

Jimbaran - seafood dinner by the beach....unencumbered seaview dinner right on the beach.

Then we did a 2-day trip thingy from Legian to Kintamani to Lovina (stayed 1 night) then move on to Bedugul and stayed at Ubud (3 nights). So technically covered north to south of Bali. But we still miss Tanah Lot and some other spots......maybe next time......

1 - Bali bombing memorial

2 - Kuta beach sunset

3 - Gunung Batur (I think)

4 - Bakso - meehoon soup with horrible fishballs (my take anyway)

5 - Our room in Legian....quite nice, spacious room, aircon, swimming pool view, breakfast delivered to your room all for USD26 nett/night.

6 - Wife's idea of keeping flies out of the drink. I think that is strawberry juice....was quite cheap almost half the price of Cameron and a bit sweeter too.

7 - The "must-eat" babi guling....suckling pig.....yuummmm. Tried a few...3 actually and prices ranges from Rph30,000 - 20,000 - 9,000 depending on location but thye all taste yummyy.

8 & 9 - Kecak dance at Uluwatu.

10 - Sunset in Lovina (north). Stayed there for 1 night.

11 - Superduper fast and luxurious look for dolphin......all we got was 2.5 hours of sitting in a single-person width boat powered by a kapchai engine....worse still, can't find the dolphin....... :( :( somemore have to pay Rph200,000 for the ride......

12 - That's the scene outside our room at Ubud.....4 ducks walking along the "sawah padi"...a very lovely and charming a room almost smack in the center of the main street and at the back is "sawah padi" oredi. Stayed in Ubud for 3 nights, was very satisfied with our room.....which we found via walk-in. A steal actually as the bungalow couldn't get customers somehow, so a Rph225,000 was sold to us for Rph175,000 quite a good deal.

13 - Typical scene of Ubud art market........paintings and art pieces everywhere.......literally everywhere....

14 - A Bali version of Lion Dance....well close enuff.....some Barong Dance that we went to.

15 - Rice terrace on the way from Bedugul to Ubud. What a lovely scene.......

Massage......hhhmmm.....did like 4 massages in 8 days......that is quite something.......feel so relaxed and nice.......and the body never tried a body scrub before so it was quite painful and geli......and the last massage was pretty interesting.....they used yogurt after the scrub.......hhhmmm felt like just licking it off my arms.....

Now back to the daily grind......


Blogger jesscet said...

only told of this post - by ur wife -on the day of my (2nd) trip to bali.. anyway, very nice pix but so tiny!

you guys ate babi guling 3x?? i hadn't got to try still despite my two trips there.. you have to prebook right?

2:27 AM

Blogger fatchipmunk said...

No need to prebook. Just drop in any shops that sell it. The best we had was the cheapest Rph9,500 on the way to airport on the last day.

There is 1 very popular shop in Ubud main street too, all sold out by 2pm.....and tonnes of tourist too cos of the location.

8:29 AM


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