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Monday, May 30, 2005

My weekend.......

I have to past weekend has been a feasting weekend. It started on Friday when we celebrated a friend's birthday in Sunway Hotel. Since we could not decide what to always.....buffet fits the bill since we could decide when we see the food. Welcome to the age of laziness and indecisiveness.

Saturday was a bit of a rest day, had soup for lunch and nothing much but had a lovely cake when we celebrated another friend's birthday.

Sunday was sermon was powerful and simple....."seek the LORD" simple yet difficult and there lies the irony of a lot of things in life....not that we don't know what to do but we don't do it for whatever reason. Sunday nite we attended a wedding dinner and our table were 3 person short, so 7 of us were eating for 10 person......gosh.....what a weekend.

Then in my feeble attempt to prolong my weekend I stayed up past 1am.....and I am now suffering.....another bad example of not doing what I should have known better......sleep early on Sunday nite so that I can keep Monday blues to the minimum......geeezz me never learn.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Fish fish fish oh

Thot of sharing some weird things or shall I say more uncommon things that I do.....used to do....not I mean still do but not so mind is obviously not working today....rememebr my earlier piece about my mind...

I love to have raw fish porridge.....especially the stall in Petaling Street. I used to drive down early Sat/Sun morning....early I mean around 5.30am so that I can park right next to the stall. Not every week but at least once a month. I have not done that since I got married. I now go around more normal hours. Don't think my wife is gonna appreciate me getting up so early and waking her up in the process or worse still found me sneaking out early in the morning....

If that is not bad enough I usually order 3 plates of fish to 1 bowl of porridge (usually it is 1 to 1). So much so that the owners and also the Indonesian helpers recognise me and I only need to signal them when I sit down and they will know my order.

Recently I up the stake and had 4 plates instead and the poor stall helper was totally confused. She thought I wanted 4 sets of fish porridge but I wanted 4 plates of fish and 1 bowl of porridge.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Master I am not

In my desperate attempt to prolong the weekend (eventhough I had a 3 day weekend thanks to replacement holiday for Wesak), I am now suffering from post long weekend blues.....(paraphrase from the wise.....Ah Li).

Well we drove back to Penang over the weekend. Was quite a nice drive around the evening of Friday. Reached Ipoh for our dinner - yyuummmmm Ipoh chicken rice......the battle of the authentic chicken rice.

Which brings me to the next u go to the 1 with all the mat sallehs or the 1 with all the locals.....which is better? more authentic? more......original so to speak. Well we went for the dimly lit, wet floor and with walls that needs a thorough Gif scrubbing shop. Guess you can call that more authentic or original.....all the grime and dirt from the original owners etc etc. Does that turn up your appetite??

Well if it helps I didn't get stomach ache or it must have been fine. One thing I noticed the "taugeh" is really short, chubby and full of water.....I am not talking about my fingers.....the bean sprout.....friends have told me it must be the water from the limestone hills around the area.

Sunday was another sleep in nice.....dinner was also great, went to this place, (don't ask me where....I was only the driver) had like 6 dishes for 4 adults and it only came up to slightly less than Rm 50 (though we noticed later that they left out the fried chicken, which will probably cost another Rm 10). We had assam prawns, fried taufu, pig's trotter, asparagus, mutton curry and friend chicken.....phew that was quite a feast.....there goes my diet plans........what diet plans? you ask.....thou shall not even ask further......hell has no fury like a dieter's effort ignored.....

Have a great week......short week nice.......but there will not be anymore until August......ah the king should have chosen a Fri or Mon for his birthday.....

Friday, May 20, 2005

ADOY.....Master I am.......

Work I must and happy I am, Friday is here. To appear smart, my green friend I must thank, for countering my inefficient mind. Appear wiser I may....may not after all.

Quite funny, it was Starwars. For me ok but die hards fan like may not. Changed it must have viewers' tastes and what sells since the first Starwars movie.....20+ years it must have been. Time flies it must have??!! hhmmm old I must have been.....reminded I am old must be by pounding head in the morning. Ended movie about 12 midnite must have tortured me. Friend quoted...moments after credits come up, "Go we must immediately, early is work tomorrow"

Pretty tough for script writers must be, to write the script. To sound wiser, "transposed" thinking from normal writing I must use. Dwindling grey matter I must be......or never had any to start with, worst still.

"Puking and vomitting blood........." A cantonese phrase of exaggerating the some cases.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

My inefficient mind.....

My mind is quite a piece of inefficient piece of stuff.....

Monday...........zzzzz still sleeping......won't be awake probably until after lunch.......

Tuesday........crank....crank......ok it kinda starts up and is working........

Wednesday......hey it is great.......before I realised weekend is near....hahaha

Thursday.....ok still running full I can work and wrok and work and work.....after lunch.....well Friday is round the corner....maybe I should take it easy.....aahhhh...phew....what a nice lunch.......zzz...zzz..zzz

Friday.....yeehhaaa weekend is here....oooppsss...its asleep oredi...zzzzzzz

So in fact my brain only works about half of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and half of Thursday.....hhmmm

So I have changed the look.....

I am in a state of fickleness and since I have nothing better to do I have messed up my blog site.

Hmm..... let's see what do I want to write, the day was ok nothing much standard work, standard phone calls and standard emails......

Well I have finally crossed the treshold of procastination and submitted my research proposal for my MBA. Now the real work starts.....I have to conduct my research and do up my report bit by bit by bit by bit...........bbbbbbbzzzzzzzz.

On a brighter note I will be watching Star Wars tonite.....hhhmmmm don't envy me.......on top of that it was given to me by another colleague......lalalalala.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Here I go again.......

Well I am about to start my engine again for the next step of my MBA. Has been procastinating for 1 month and I think I have run out of excuses for not starting. Aarrgghh there goes my nights and weekends....But hopefully I will not need to panic this time round since I am starting earlier about 2 months before the classes.

Wish me luck.....I will neeeeeedddddddd everything. Hmmnnn I can't wait to finish it and kick back and sit back to enjoy my nights and weekends again.....

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The evolution of "kepohness"

Was just chatting with a friend and the topic of kepohness came out.

1st some unknown people wants to listen to some unknown people speaking - that is the birth of radio.

Then some unknown people wanted to listen and see some unknown people - then came the tv & movie.

Now some unknown people wants to know what some unknown people thinks - welcome to the world of blogging.............

"Kepohness" - A Hokkien-English self created word by a non-Hokkien speaking me and a not so good English speaking me too :)......roughly translated to it is roughly busybodiness (if there is such a word)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This is the day.......that the LORD has made :)

Somehow this song keeps ringing in my head. Haven't sing it for a long time but somehow it keeps playing in my head today.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday life that we forgot that each day is made for us by God or more humbly allowed for us to live by God's grace.

I am thankful for:-

The alarm my ears are still good. I could wake up and walk to the bathroom and get myself ready for work.

Work.....that God has so graciously provided means of sustaining myself.

Traffic jam.....At least it is cool and spacious unlike the buses or LRT.

Well if only I can find more strength to be thankful for many more small little things in my life.

Thank you.....thank you.....thank you.....

Friday, May 06, 2005

So I truly survived???....hahaha

My Prof said, coming back to study after working for a while is risky business.

Risk 1 - You risk exposing to the world that you are not good enough, that is why you are hitting the books again.

Risk 2 - You risk sounding stupid in class if you talk too much, which you probably did a lot while working.

Risk 3 - You risk a lot in the exams because you no longer can make do with passable effort and hopefully your superior will pick up after you. You either pass or fail on your someone else that is risky.....hhhhmmmmm

Risk 4 - You risk not doing anything at all if you fear risk so after all said and made a risk to challenge yourself and that is good.

Risk 5 - The biggest risk of all.....You risk confirming all the above if you FAIL your exams.

Hopefully I won't confirm to everyone all of the above..........till next time.........