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Monday, October 01, 2007

Evan Almighty

The movie suggests......."when we pray for patience, God doesn't make us patient, but give us opportunity to be patient. And when we ask for courage, God doesn't give us courage, but gives us the opportunity to be courageous".......

Somehow this dialogue kinda lite up a bulb in my head.....most often than not we treat prayer as a band-aid and instant reminds me of us having free will and can choose (even if it is between the rock and a hard place). It also suggests Christian growth is a process rather than a sudden cosmic change of circumstances/situations.

So the next time we pray for sure to notice the opportunities that God is presenting before us.........we may overlook them if we only want "our prayer" to be answered.....

grey matter kinda working half capacity on a wet Monday......hhhmmm wonder what is the opportunity here????.......time to sleep?? maybe not.