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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mid Yerrrrrrrr???!!!!

Aiyoh.......end of June oredi??? Time flies when you are having fun???? not really, it has been all a blur with work work and work lately. Time to take stock of what happened for the last 6 months???

Well... moved office to Mid Valley in March.....well apart from walking over to buy lunch didn't even get to shop during the last sale period?? Somehow I realised I am getting more and more forgetful and less and less organised....must be loosing grey matter.

Increasing interest to know my roots?? Somehow I get asked quite a lot when in China, where am I from? which kampung I am from? Will have to talk to mom to get the exact kampung grandfather is from hhhmmmm. Am really a banana chinese....tried to impress my counterparts with my minimum grasp of mandarin but won't get beyond the 3 reply when I have to use English words etc and hand gestures.....

Started having mandarin class......but have not made much progess due to frequent interruptions.

So let's hope the 2nd half will be much better.
cheeerrrrsss and have a great 2nd half of 2006........... :) :)