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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Little Suggestions to Blogger

If the Blogger team or Google, since they are now 1 happy family reads this blog (fat chance yeah??). It would be great if they allow user to choose the default language of the blogger pages and instructions cos blogging from foreign land in foreign language is always a risky thing....1 wrong button and there goes your blog entry.

Wonder if you get Arabic templates when you are in Middle East and similar if you blog in India and the Scandinavian?? Anyhow was really blur from work and thot I would do a small piece on the place I am at now.

Wuxi.....come to like this town now....a colleague was saying..."home sweet home" when we came back from Shanghai.....hey noticed I used came back.....theoretically it should only apply to KL or KK......or Sandakan (where I was born) or would it be China....where my ancestors came.....where is the start anyway??!!! am i chasing my own tail.....poor old chipmunk even the grey matter is drying up.

This small town (relative that is) is about 2-2.5 hours east ward of Shanghai has about 4 million people. Most people we come into contact.....the people at the hotel that would be are pretty friendly.....they are quite tolerant to us turning up last minute for breakfast and even cook up some french toast which was on the menu last year but was booted out this year. My 2 colleagues has started bringing their cup noodle down to get the waiters to add boiling water and throw in some bits and pieces of food into it. Talk about insult to the hotel cook man???!! But we just can't help it cos they neer change their menu for the whole year. So their is only that much you can take......But the cook did ask my fren what can they add to the menu......and it made my day when I saw wanton noddle the next couple of days.......well done folks......

Ordered 1 came as "chai min" as in only the noodle but no wanton??!!! Apparently you need to ask them to add wanton to the noodle??!!! You learn new things everyday in a foreign land.

Monday, March 05, 2007


You won't believe it....I am now looking at a chinese version of blogger and all the instructions and command is in Chinese......cos I am in Wuxi......again if you remembered my earlier blog....well last August to be precise......back here to follow-up on the project.

It is supposed to be spring but opcors.......supoosed is the word and it never goes according to plan, so here I am freezing my .......rear-end off cos a cold front just developed the very day I arrived. Got in on Sat morning and it decided to drop 10 degrees it is now single digit out there.....I think it is like 3 celsius. Will be moving to Shanghai for a conference on Wed & Thur and work and meeting in Shanghai until next Tuesday at least.

okiiee bye.