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Friday, January 20, 2006

Trip back home

Went home for a few days last week. For those who don't know I am from the Land Below The Wind. Was a nice break and since I have not been back for the whole of 2005 due to my exams etc, it was a long overdue trip.

So what did I do? hhmmm let's see, eat eat and eat as usual.....stew sotong Ipoh style, actually was supposed to head for the stew sotong Sabah style (in dark soya sauce but saw this Ipoh style - i.e. in satay sauce - quite nice), beef noodle and fish cake porridge and of course plenty of fish at every meal.

Of all things, bumped into Andrew...well more like saw him leaving a carpark with his friends in Gaya Street, a Sunday morning equivalent of Pasar Malam along the main street of KK.

Nothing much, laze around the house and sorted out my FDC collection.....never realised I have them for 20 plus years now..... I think the 1st FDC was in 1984.....that would be Primary 4....gosh so old oredi. POS Malaysia sure issues a lot of stamps a year. I have always bought FDC when I can overseas too.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

1st anniversary of blogging

4 January 2005 I started started out as a place to talk crap and to think aloud (but very much intended to be secretive and anonymous), somehow around the same time some of my frens were also beginning to talk about blogging etc etc, which sid eis user frenly, which site is better.

So that is how it started, then some how my cover was blown so I need to be careful....or more like be responsible for what I write just in case.....So I secretly harbour the feeling to start another site where I can be totally reckless and irresponsible.....hhmmm??!!

So I realised some of my stuff will be stuck in the internet space for some funny reasons.....I have people searching for Yau Kee bread chicken and reached my site, I have people searching for road blocks and reached my site and many other funny searches.

It has now been part of my routine to churn out some ramblings and saliva for no apparent reason other than well.....for fun actually.

So to all my fellow bloggers.....many more fun updates for the coming year....cheersssssss

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I should have known better

Well now I have a new look, but I have to retype all my links and titles etc since they don't automatically copy to the new template....aaarrggghhh.

Have a great start to the year!!!.....engine kinda rusty after a long weekend break.....