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Monday, November 20, 2006

Nice break from office

Have not blog for awhile.....long while of those things....once you get off you find it hard to come back...but hopefully it won't be so long till the next one.

1st of all wanted to thank our tall, handsome pilot friend who had gone down south for greener pastures.....not Australia...not so south.....just the "dot" down south. It was great catching up with Eugen who has graciously let us put-up a nite at his place and he even gave up his own room for us...thanks mate. We were enroute to a short cruise Singapore-Penang-Phuket. Nice to know that this brother is as enthusiastic as ever serving the Lord and actually serving more as he is now more in control of his schedule cos he kinda moved up to management level in his company and he basically "work" quite regular hours and has his weekends free.

The cruise was great.....a nice break since a long long time. Great weather...not too sunny just bright enough to go swimming and lazing in the jacuzzi without turning into lobster. Food??? food??? on a cruise well they were great!!! well I have no other comparison but the Super Star Virgo is pretty impressive to me. Exceeded all my expectations.....except for the long queues up and down the ship (taking into acount that there were about 2000 pax on board it is still quite good actually) and the slip up of our bag which got thrown together with another deck's. See the baggage reclaim is not like airport with conveyor belt etc etc. the bags are basically grouped by deck and you just find yours amongst many of your deck according to your room. Our room was deck 9 but 1 bag got lumped together with the deck 11's it was a frantic panicky......10 minutes search for our bag and we had a 10pm bus to catch too......phew...luckily we found it. Bus trip back was also pretty pleasant as the VIP26 bus we bought got upgraded to a Premier Double Decker Bus complete with individual TV screen and massage chair....hhhhmmmm not the OSIM super duper kind but the car seat "shaking" kind.......quite nice but was sleepy back in KL about 3am.......I missed my bed......

Next day (16 Nov - Thus) ......was on leave and was thinking of getting to office to clear some emails since I have been gone for 3 days.....but somehow didn't get to do it and was really glad.....cos Star had a full picture of the traffic jam caused by a departmental store's member day sales......1 of the hazards of working in Mid Valley.......and school holidays just started.......susahlah cari parking......haaaaiiiiii.

Friday to Sunday - Went for a Leadership course in PD........guess where......yeaa PDGCC again.....some old place, some old food........

Well, while driving back something was all over in 3 or 4 seconds.

1. Saw a car in my rear view mirror on the right approaching fast and overtaking me.
2. That car started to skid and the driver over compensated by turning to left and hit the guard rail.
3. That car "flew" across 2 lanes about 100 to 150 meters in front of my car (which has another van in front of my car about 50 meters).
4. The car then landed in the ditch on my left.

It happened so fast that by the time it sank in I had passed the spot and was nearing the toll booth. I did brake my car when the car "flew" across the road but I was kinda blank and didn't stop to help....but I did saw the driver (guy) moving an dno blood and no smoke from the I jsut informed the toll collector about it when I passed the toll booth.

A split second and any earlier it would have hit the van in front of me and I will have 2 cars right in front of me to avoid.......thanks God for his journey mercy.........

Monday.......shoulder ache....sign of not enuff exercise......becos of the usual stuff you do in a camp.....jungle trekking, raft building and rowing etc etc.....sign of old age sad :(

till next time.......have a great week ahead....for those with must be much more busier than normal......ciao