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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

There I go again.....

There I go again.....changing job.....well quasi at least.....I mean my job scope is changing and I am moving to a new department.

I fully agree and support job rotation to increase my experience and knowledge of the various areas of the business.

As usual, human nature is such that all changes are rather unsettling and nerve racking at first.

How am I gonna perform? How will my new boss see me? How will my colleagues treat me? Will I fit in? Will I perform well? hhhmmmmm hahahaha.

Well a change is a change is a change and it should offer something different....not necessarily good....neither necessarily bad.....just I excited??.....hhhmmmm let's leave that till the next.....

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I am alive......:)


I am alive.....I was not sure how I was gonna survive 17 days of classes and exams.....but somehow it went on ok......all a blur now.....

1st week was ok......knocking off the rust...hitting the books and studying for the exams....but 2nd week was then the classic torture symptoms are cropping up.

Lack of sleep - getting really edgy....even the dogs stay clear of my path. Pity my wife for putting up with me.

Lack of focus - it was all, wake-up, clean-up, hit the road before traffic builds up, class, assignments, study, rush home before traffic builds up and of course stuffing my face with the hotel food which after the 3rd day lost its novelty and started to make me sick. But by then the system has been broken already and it is all about going with the flow.

Stress and tension - Pimples start popping up and I noticed sleepier eyes and more lifeless expression in the mirror. Thanks to my wife for preparing some traditional drinks etc that helps to lessen the onslaught of S & T.

Sudden urge to cry and jump off the building - I think by that time I was ready to give up the fees I paid and just go home and lock the door and sleep. Somehow the perseverance of my classmates and wife just somehow makes it slightly more bearable to move that 1 step and to push myself that 1 step more.....each step yielded to another and another and another....and before long I was hitting the drinks in a bar.....either to celebrate or to down the sorrow of a failed attempt...... I will only know when the results come in......till then my battle starts again back in the office.