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Monday, August 22, 2005

Sen sen oh my 1 sen

I am not too sure what caused me to do it maybe stupidity, maybe a sudden rush of upholding the rules or maybe just plain stubborness.

On Sunday, after dropping my sister off for work, I proceeded to purchase "paus" for my breakfast. It was RM 2.20. Having quite a few 1 sen in my wallet, I proceeded to give the owner 2 X RM 1 note , a 10 sen coin a 5 sen coin and 5 X 1 sen coins. To my horror he wouldn't accept them, saying that even if he has them, they would be thrown away. So there were a few exchanges of words and finally he said, "I am the one who decided the rule of not accepting 1 sen coins" and proceeded to return the money to me and I returned the "paus" to him.

I guess I will just have to give the "paus" a miss then. And all I could do was to bring my business somewhere else. Then I think again, where can I use 1 sen coins without hassle? I shall be trying it out and let you know later. So far the hypermarkets are quite ok.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

So sleepy......

It has been a long time since Mr Wet Lazy Workday was here. I could almost smell the sheets of my bed and see my pillow waving to me. The pace in the office is equally slow, I am sure things are faster just that my own pace is slower than the rest. You could almost picture a Mr Chow slapstick scene where everyone else moves faster than the main character.

Luckily weekend is almost here, come to think of it I can't seem to be able to pin point how I spend my weekends, they just manage to whizz past so fast that soon I was ironing my shirt on Sunday nite and trying to prolong the weekend by watching tv till way past bed time.....and opcors blame Mr Monday Blues for everything that goes wrong...

1. The alarm doesn't sound nice.
2. The bathroom light doesn't switch on fast enough.
3. The toothpaste doesn't come out smoothly.
4. The water is too cold/hot/strong/weak......everything.
5. Can't put on my tie properly.
6. Can't find my keys/handphone etc.
7. Arrgh.......when will it stop.

Must be the influence of one Ms HL for this list thingy..... :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another Urban Legend?!

When there is an MCA poll there will be traffic jam??!! Don't ask me what is the correlation but traffic has been horrendous these 2 mornings. The jam starts just after the Sg Besi toll. Hhmmm?!

How come when UMNO had their poll it was smooth traffic??!!


Monday, August 15, 2005

I am in trouble.....

I am truly in trouble today.......b'cos I forgot to bring my handphone. It is a state of emergency that would have gone unnoticed just 10 years back but now ranks amongst the top crisis on a personal and probably professional level.

"What?!, you forgot to bring your phone??!!", irritated colleagues would comment.

"There is no excuse, your phone must be with you all times", others would remind me of my duty to be always contactable.

"What happened, were you in a rush?", more sympathetic souls out there.

At least I am not in sales.....if not I could almost here my boss clicking away at the abacus, I mean calculator on the amount of business I lost b'cos customers could not get hold of me!!!

I thought for once Monday Blues (MB) would leave me alone, since the air is definately much fresher after the down pour on Sunday but alas it was an illusion that MB would be kind enough to grant me a reprieve.

But hey my morning has been very quiet till now, no SMS, no calls......hhhhmmmm

Thursday, August 11, 2005

What to do if Emergency strikes??!!

If a state of emergency is declared tomorrow because of the haze, what am I gonna do?

1. Search for all the VCDs I bought but never got to watch yet.
2. Make sure there is enough food in apartment to last for the period of emergency.

Come to think of it I am quite sure not many of my friends experience curfew before. I think the last and only time I experienced curfew was 1986 or sometime eons ago. It was the change of state government after many years of Berjaya I think.

It was not smooth transition to say the least. A state of emergency was declared in my home state. I think it was from 6/8pm to 6am everyday. Can't remember for how long. It was quite interesting, because we got to start school a bit late (well the school was relax on the timing b'cos of the curfew). Then everyone would rush home and lock their doors and draw their curtains early.

Life was quite scary then, long before terrorism registered in my vocabulary.....I had to look out for my dad's car and make sure no one suspicious walked close to it or drop a "package" near by. Well a few home made bombs were set of here and there, nothing major more like petrol bomb and smaller ones.

Remembered a family friend who sold off their kindergarten business to go back to Taiwan. They had to apply for a special pass from the police etc to go to airport at night. Road blocks were enacted along major roads and army with M-16 were roaming the streets etc.

Then again state of emergency may not equate curfew.........

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back at work.... :( ... :)

Anyone noticed I have almost vanished from the face of the earth? Well close enough, for 2 weeks I had been going from home to class and back to home and my daily routine has been class, class, class and more has been a sleep depriving 2 weeks of classes.

Glad it is over and now the nail biting season of waiting for my results, well I am not complaining except that I have 250 emails to read and maybe many more that were not delivered since my mailbox was full.