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Friday, May 19, 2006

UH in the dark??

Can you believe it that UH was pitch dark for 15 minutes? That was what happened while I was there for check-up. Not too sure if the whole hospital was out of power but it was pitch dark at the specialists clinic. Needless to say it was total chaos at the payment counter.

The only bottle neck is payment counter....yeah there is only 1 but there are like 15 specialists and the consultation is relatively fast.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Almost 3 months now

I have been in the new office for almost 3 months now. And I have picked up a lunch routine that seems more and more unbreakable. Kinda got into a routine of buying salad and bread from Carrefour and have sandwich for lunch. Actually I only like 2 of the salad - chicken vegetable and egg salad. I think I have been having them on average of 50% of the time when I am in office around lunj time. I am pretty much a creature of habit..... :)

Have been rather busy lately, can't seem to find time to blog huh?!

Last few weeks has been rather busy with sister and brother. Bro just came back in March and was in and out of KL etc interviewing and finally started work this week in Singapore. Sister just had her graduation ceremony so parents were here a few weeks back. Only last weekend I had time to sit around my apartment on a Saturday morning to ponder for a while.....when was the last time I sat quietly alone at home.

Well as a typical Malaysian...holidays are meant to be filled with activities to maximise the Wesak Day was jam packed with a trip down to Melaka.....the usual tourist round...chicken rice ball, satay celup and walking and eating along Jonker Street. Hmmmm yummy stop Seremban......aiyoh don't know when is the next holiday. Talking of which I have not taken any leave this year?? The hospital episode makes it looks like I have not been productive at work but I have not rested for quite a while......time to go for a short break.

Till next time ciao.....