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Monday, November 28, 2005

Beware of the last turn

You know the advice, beware of the last turn you may just trip.....Well that's almost what happened during my last "Torture Week". Got so lazy to study and prepare for exams that most nites, I was snoring away by 11pm. Previous Torture Weeks, I was diligently typing away and doing powerpoint presentations, almost being accused of being a perfectionist.

This time round.....almost couldn't careless.....did enough to pass I hope (fingers cross).

Well at least I had something to look forward at the end of week i.e. after the exams....Snow Wolf Lake Musical...........imagine a caveman looking forward to musical play??

Was impressed with the stage setting and the whole show was really enjoyable......minus the mandarin part.......but unless one is mentally challenged and visually should not be THAT hard to figure out the plot etc......and it helps too to get such nice seats. Opcors wife was there to interpret the critical parts and also the scrolling words on both sides of the stage. Thanks to a colleague we got the 1st row just after the VVIP area......too poor to pay for it, so it was some kind of "sedekah", was barely 20 feet away from the stage.... :) :)

Sunday had to rush to Kampar for wife's ex-collegemate's wedding...more like "picking up the bride"....the usual games etc before successfully picking her up. After lunch, bought the famous Yau Kee Bread Chicken.......chicken in bread.....errr..whatever you know what I mean?

Back in KL by 6pm.......straight to my pillow......oh how I miss you....zzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh yah the.....the chicken in bread was nice......yummmyyyy......woke up just for that...and back to more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, November 14, 2005

What to blog??

It is a clear sign of inactivity when you need to ask this question. Well let's see....

Weekend was ok, nothing much, mom was in town for meeting and off this morning.

Work is kinda ok.....

Studies....ok progressing snail pace.....and on to my last leg.....exams on 26 Nov.....haha it would be nice not to worry about exams and books again for a while......that is until....if......not.....if I ever want to consider getting Permanent head Damage.....hhmmmm??

Just called SG and "Little Karen" is safely in the arms of the proud parents oredi.......Little Karen cos they haven't decided on the name yet....congrats SG & Karen.

Ok my company's song just came up (that means it is 2pm time to start work)

bye bye..... :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Web designer I am NOT.... :)

Quite a few friends have asked me where did I get the pictures for the Sunday worship. There were confusion over what I do for a living too, some thot I was a website designer. Thot I would share some regular sites where I usually hunt for them:-

Otherwise Google is pretty handy, search on the image tab and you usually get pretty nice pix.

And drawing from last week's sermon....I have no credentials to claim to be a web designer.....I am only marginally competent with PowerPoint and "copy+paste".....oh yah....and the right click "save picture as".

So now that the cat is out of the bag, maybe more volunteers will come forward and not be intimidated by the work or preparation needed for the slides.

cheerios..... :)