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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What a Sunday?!...Mon and Tues too??!!

Sunday was such a jam-pack day.

Started at 7.45 am at church, barely able to keep my eyes open. Yeah u guessed it, projector duty again and then rush off to visit a friend in PJ then to another fren in Cheras for CNY. Left about 4.30pm to pick up sis from KLIA.......aaarrggghhhh they missed her bag again....this is the 2nd time, the last was AirAsia I think 2 years back. So was at airport until like 6pm. So tired by the time I reached home.

Monday - aarrgghhh still tired from Sunday, oh yah and the luggage came back by 12 midnite the MAS agent actually kept their promise to deliver by end of the sis waited for it, I tried to get an early nite but alas......the fireworks and mercun kept me awake until like 1 am I think......panda eyes...panda eyes.......zombie for the day.

Tuesday - was up early again, going down to JB for a day.....well by now you should have heard the news that MAS check-in system was the crowd was huge and needless to say a lot of tempers flared and red-faced passengers and workers around the whole airport. Flight delayed 1 hour.....arrrgghhh. Then delayed again on the way back......reached KLIA at 8.30pm instead of parking was RM 31 bucks.....still beats taxi which will cost me RM 120 return. far so good......

Friday, February 03, 2006

All in 1 post

Let's see where shall I start???

Somehow I lost track of time most days....**hint hint**

Been busy before CNY, trying to rush off documents and papers before the long break. Went to Butterworth for stuck in a crawl heading north, actually started crawl just after Sg Buloh and didn't move past 20km/h until after Rawang I think. All in all took us 6 hours to reach Butterworth, luckily not will prob take another 2 hours to get to the island. and more has been one feast to another for days since reunion dinner. Been very cautious with food since a terrible bout of food poisoning just days before CNY.

Did the usual holiday routine...watched Fearless after queing twice since I was 3 minutes early before they would release the phone booking tickets.

Trip back to KL was much better, even managed to squeeze a detour to Ipoh and have coffee with an ex-MBA mate. Made good time, reached home before dark. Decided to rest the stomach after days of stuffing my face.....alas got hungry late at nite and wife promptly prohibited my attempt to have a glass of psyllium husk instead...burp... went to bed unsatisfied... :( :(

Back at work oredi.....well at least it will be the shortest week of all......1-day week...yeeeehhhaaaa.