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Monday, January 31, 2005

Little thots.... :)

What is a tear?

A tear is just something you don’t show – so I heard from young,
B ecause it means you are weak.
C an I at least shed some tear when I am really sad.
D on’t shed a tear even if you are hurting like crazy.
E nough about tear, my dad said, grow up.
F or you are a guy and are not supposed to cry.
G irls are the only ones allowed to cry.
H ow I envy those who can cry freely and not be judged.
I think tears bring so much meaning with them.
J oy of a mother giving birth sheds tear of happiness.
K indness is amplified when we reach out and touch someone’s life with a tear.
L ove between couples grows when they can shed a tear and laugh together as well.
M ixed feelings tear is hard to explain – a single mom looking at her newborn child, happy and worried.
N evertheless, tears are probably the greatest expression there is when no words could be found.
O nly tears can express the great loss felt by parents’ of a child who passed away.
P salmist said - PS 116:8 For you, O LORD, have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling.
Q uit shedding tears. Bring them all to the Lord in prayer.
R est assured that everything happens for a reason.
S ing praises to God during both bad and good times.
T o know that God has everything in His control is comfort enough for me.
U nknown to myself God is doing everything for my own good.
V ery well I said and thank you Christ.
W et eyes see clearer, for the dust has been wiped away. Thank you Jesus for dying on the
X (cross), thank you
Y ahwey, for my swollen eyes are ready to rest in your loving arms.
Z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Miracles do happen - Part 3

Yes life as I know will change forever.....I was sticking needles into my stomach/leg day and nite and it went on for 2 weeks.

Then I started feeling funny. I am a rather big size person and I usually feel warm at home but somehow I was beginning to feel chilly at night. Then I met a colleague who related his son's incident to me and advised me maybe I should cut back the jabs and keep close monitoring of my blood sugar.

Then miraculously I was able to go off insulin and was still keeping my sugar level normal well close enough i.e. 6 to 8 mmol/l random and maybe 5 to 6 pre-food. I was beyond words.....I didn't take the jabs for 2 weeks when I went for a checkup with the doctor. I showed him my log book and he was surprised.....

He just mentioned sometimes "honeymoon" period does happen and I should be careful about it. But nevertheless I was in heaven thinking God had given me a second chance at freedom. So this is the 2nd miracle that happened. Thank God. A brother in Christ mentioned to me, I was saved for a I should make full use of my time while I am alive. Amen.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Miracles do happen - Part 2

Where was I?? Ah yes I was in the hospital. At first doctor said I am quite a borderline Juvenile Diabetes b'cos I am 25 but my suddenly high blood glucose level is neither a Type 2 scenario. So he tried to prescribe oral medication instead of insulin jabs.

So for 2 days I was monitored and took my pills. I was pricked 6 times a day to test for blood sugar level. Pre-meal and post-meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was emotions ran from thank God I am alive to asking God why? why me? why at this age?

Then after 3 days the doctor said, I was not responding to oral medications so I had to go on insulin jabs for the rest of my life.....twice a day.....morning and night.....then I could almost feel my life dim.....into was almost unbearable.....

Taking jabs daily for the rest of my life will be controlled by the small bottle of insulin that needs to be refrigerated and taken care of.....never before have I understood freedom any better.

It meant that I couldn't:-

1. Work crazy hours to advance my career. I need my jabs by dinner time.
2. Eat any food I like. My sugar level will hit thru the roof.
3. Just wake up and decide to work out. I need to jab myself first and have a snack first for fear of hypoglycemia.
4. Go out with friends for meals at will. I need to jab myself first for fear of hyperglycemia. as I knew it for 25 years will change forever.....and yes I cried a lot thinking about it and I was bordering on depression.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Miracles do happen - Part 1

I am writing to encourage some of those who may feel dissappointed with life as if life deal them a lemon, a curve ball or just plain unfair.

A while back at the prime age of 25 I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It was discovered after I was loosing an inch of my waistline a week. I was very happy loosing weight but then the sypmtoms were too obvious to ignore.....the thirst, toilet trips and fatigue....

I went to the clinic to do a blood test for diabetes, cancer and thyroid disease. A few days later a nurse called and asked me to go in immediately to meet the doctor. She wouldn't discuss the results over the phone, so those were the longest minutes/drive of my life.

When I got there, the doctor did a random blood sugar test on 1 of those mobile testing machines and it hit the roof i.e. 29 mmol/l and the doctor had to order a full lab test blood sugar because those mobile machines are not build to measure such high levels. According to the doctor, at those levels I should be in a coma and bigger machines would be used on me by then.

See miracles do happen, I didn't lapse into a coma and I even drove myself back to pack my bags and to arrange for a few errands much to the disbelief of the be continued

Monday, January 24, 2005

Why? Why? Why?

Ever so often I sink into a session of whyness?

Why am I stuck in my current job/company?
Why aren't I rich and famous?
Why can't I just go on holidays whenever and wherever I want?
Why? Why? Why?

I don't think I have found the answers to these as well as to these.....

Why aren't I as successful as the guy next door?
Why aren't I taller? Smarter? Better? Handsomer? Richer?....why?....why?....why?....

I suspect life don't normally provide you with all the answers. Because man can't handle the truth. If everything/event has an explanation then the bottom line for what happened will be for us to accept the answers/explanations....thus life or God in his good grace allowed some questions without answers to offer man a glimmer of hope tht maybe.....maybe just maybe.....there is light around the corner.....

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Little thinking aloud

Some pretty interesting comments I got me thinking.....

1. Shit does float to the top - Why work hard to climb the corporate ladder when there are so many examples of shit rising to the top of companies.

2. If it doesn't work, restructure - If you don't change anything then you are not working or trying hard enough.

3. If it ain't working, everyone else is the problem - When you are the boss/superior this always apply.

4. What is the point of giving your best to the company - They didn't pay you the highest did they? Talk about fair compensation. All you have to do is perform up to what you think is the pay/salary worth to you.

5. When it doesn't work blame the past - legacy issues, someone else before me did this, past decisions etc.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Do I have a point?

Most of the times that I am in meeting the pressure is to do either of 2 things - talk or keep quiet.

This is necessary to make sure I maintain an image of authority and facade of contributing to the meeting. But sometimes I wonder am I just making noise or making a point....huh...?

Keep Quiet
This is not advisable most of the time because I will be misjudged as - not contributing to the discussion, not helpful or plain no clue. But I have learnt from a very esteemed boss that the trick is to keep quiet in most of the discussion and speak at the end to sum up or to point out everyones mistakes or oversight and then watch everyone turn envy in green or blush lobster red because suddenly all their talk...bla...bla...bla sounds wasted...and stupid.

Do I have a point? choose wisely when to keep quiet and when to talk... :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What is life about? Part 2

As I ponder why most parents have this instinct of providing the best for their young I am reminded of a passage in bible.....where we are called to be the light of the world.

Matt 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden."

To instinctively give the best to others and deny oneself is a characteristic of being a light. Only by burning itself up will a light give "light" to others and bring much use to others.

Parents = Light of a person's life?

Very much so I believe.

Remember your first fall and injury on the & dad was there to blow the wound and pick me up.

Remember your first day at & dad was there to watch from the window.

As we grow up we remember even more.....the wrong things

remember how mom & dad forbids us from staying up to watch TV.....only if we knew their noble intentions.

remember how mom & dad always force us to study.....only if we knew their heartaches if we wasted our potential.

remember how mom & dad didn't buy that pair of NIKE shoes.....only if we knew how hard they worked to put food on the table.

remember how mom & dad didn't give us enough pocket money.....only if we knew how much they are thinking about our college fees.

Remember or remember.....if only we know.....

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What is life about? Part 1

Sometime ago while chit-chatting with a friend, he mentioned from nothing we came and from nothing we depart. What he meant was we didn't bring anything the moment we came to this life and neither will we bring anything away when we die. Then problems start. What do we do then in between life and death?

My cynical side will say why bother since everything comes to naught anyway in the end. Why study? Why work? Why strive so hard? Why bother?

But then there is this small voice within me that says.....there must be something you want to achieve, something you want to get and something you want to do to fill this gap between life and death. I guess everyone be they religious or not will have this small voice within them sometime in their life.....

So we start our journey to fill this gap between life and death. Most of us are fortunate because we are well taken care of by our parents. But some only knew of hunger, disease and suffering from young. Then we question what did these young souls do to deserve such a life.

Parents fault? Most parents will willingly give their lifes away so that their young will live. I think most parents will do all within their means to provide the best for their young ones. Nevertheless there are some who would put themselves above the children. Well to these parents all I could say is may the children grow up to break the vicious cycle of uncaring for their young ones.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Little Quotes

What is insanity?

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Why then do so many people still being insane and refuse to change?

They are afraid. This I find is the most compelling reason why people never change. Behind the masks of complacency, contentment and satisfaction is the deep down fear or they are afraid of something be it - failure, worst of, change, better of or unfamiliarity.

May you find strength to change if you are not happy with anything.

1st try.....

There is always a 1st time in everything and so here I am....cheers

Starting out

Today marks my first attempt at blogging.....cheers and have a great day.