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Friday, May 27, 2005

Fish fish fish oh

Thot of sharing some weird things or shall I say more uncommon things that I do.....used to do....not I mean still do but not so mind is obviously not working today....rememebr my earlier piece about my mind...

I love to have raw fish porridge.....especially the stall in Petaling Street. I used to drive down early Sat/Sun morning....early I mean around 5.30am so that I can park right next to the stall. Not every week but at least once a month. I have not done that since I got married. I now go around more normal hours. Don't think my wife is gonna appreciate me getting up so early and waking her up in the process or worse still found me sneaking out early in the morning....

If that is not bad enough I usually order 3 plates of fish to 1 bowl of porridge (usually it is 1 to 1). So much so that the owners and also the Indonesian helpers recognise me and I only need to signal them when I sit down and they will know my order.

Recently I up the stake and had 4 plates instead and the poor stall helper was totally confused. She thought I wanted 4 sets of fish porridge but I wanted 4 plates of fish and 1 bowl of porridge.


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